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(Papers and Miscellaneous) 



(1) "Molecular Formulation of Complete Human Knowledge

(this paper was submitted to the journal Erkenntnis in year 2005) (click to read) 


(2) "Formulation of Theory of Concepts" 

(this paper was submitted to Journal of Mind and Language in year 2006) (click to read) 



Miscellaneous (Articles, Topics, Slides and Quotations) 


(1) Why for Codonology? (click to read)


(2) Topics 

          * Beyond IBM's "Concept Search" Concept (click to read)  

          * Praise it for more reasons: From Google to Future Concept Search Technology (click to read)


(3) Programmable Codonology (Slides) (click to read)


(4) Three Quotations (click to enter)


(5) Three Humors (click to enter)