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Hua Fang, Founder of Codonology, Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

My name is Hua Fang, the founder of Codonology. Semi-accurately speaking, “inventor” and “philosopher” are logic and intuitive terms to describe me based on what you might have read about Codonology. However, what I prefer is a new term, codonologist, a kind of technician managing knowledge and reasoning based on the theory and protocols of Codonology. I believe that, soon, there will be much more such intellect “species” to come. 


I live in a quiet and small town called Cheshire in Connecticut, with my family (my wife Ping, and two kids Wendy and Ray). For time being, our house here serves as the contact place for Codonology Society. This may come as a somewhat surprise to the readers. My daytime job is being a full-time research scientist. “Codonology” is just my spare-time hobby, although I do dream one day that it will become a “full time” tool set for everybody. 


Talking about development of the tool set, it has come for me to realize that I must seek co-developers, who are willing to share the burden of challenge to develop codonology’s computer programming. Hopefully, they can share the understanding and passion, which make the input of their expertise or investment rewarding. The list of possible collaborators is given in the section of “How…” For those who may like to know more about my personal life, I must say that you will be less disappointed if you know more about Codonology but less about the founder. In this way, less time of your life will be wasted. So, let’s go to some fun places outside my “house”, like “Miscellaneous” or “Why…”or “How…” 


For those who like to chat further, I can be reached at: