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What is Codonology? 


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What is Codonology? 

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What is Codonology? 


 Origin of the name: “Codon”, a term from genetics, contains the basic building unit of meaning in replication of all life on Earth. “ology” means knowledge or study of knowledge. Combining the two together, “Codonology” means “study and manage human knowledge with basic meaning building units”. 


The philosophical and technical detail about Codonology can be found from the papers or articles. In the plain language and simple terms, Codonology can be considered as an idea and tool set about managing human knowledge and implementing spontaneous reasoning with aid of computational apparatus. It is not part of any current AI (artificial intelligence) projects. It is covering categorically every individual discipline that is being or has been developed, including not just science (such as AI) but also non-science in the universe of complete human knowledge, although Codonology itself is not included in any of them. Analogically and counter-intuitively, it works like the role of the empty sets in set theory, where the real content of knowledge is the members within the sets. 


Three unprecedented historical inflection points or short periods of time had trendlined the forthcoming of Codonology, firstly, birth of modern digital computer half century ago; secondly, knowledge explosion in the past half century; and thirdly, birth of Internet in the past a decade or two. After all, the essence of Codonology is expressed, philosophically and functionally, in this formula: 



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If you are the kind of reader, who likes to know first about the foreseeable significance that Codonology possibly would make to the humanity, you can jump to the section Why before going into this immediate section. Otherwise, please help yourself. I understand that it is my obligation to carry out a thorough philosophical investigation to explore the base that creates and nourishes the root of such a combined body of intellectual creation, the Codonology. Nobody’s name and points of view must be skipped-over for the blind acceptance of truth about this theory. Therefore, my future topics will cover the points, with broadness and in-depth, which all the thinkers have done from antiquity ranging from pre-Socratic age to modern time, from western to the rest of the world. Realistically, you may find my arguments that will be published in a spread-out manner, most likely from different focused blogging sites. They will cover the subjects of philosophy, technology, science, education, linguistics, economy, religions, so on and so forth. Nonetheless, the writings listed on this web site should offer you a good outline with a decent detail about Codonology and its significance to the society in both local and global scales. 



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This section contains some informal writings, which may help to further understand Codonology in a fun and unique way reflecting a strong style of my own.

The symbol, being designed for the society of Codonology, is based on the “codon” formula, and being extracted from it, then simplified into a combined one with two conventional symbols, “sigma” and “at”, named “SumAtAll” (read: sum at all). Enjoy!