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Three Humors



“Not a pipe, but a PIPE” 



“Not useful = useful” 

(Paradox in Conventional Wisdom) 


not useful = do not use much = 

less used = quite new = much potential = 



not useful = useful 





 “A Philosophical Lighting System” 



Invention Bulletin/News on New Inventions: 

A Philosophical Lighting System 


Inventor: Thomas Edison Fang 


[Inventor’s Chinese name: 方华; 

Inventor’s Nick name: DRH/DCD turing –over "DRH": Doug R. Hofstadter; "DCD": Daniel C. Dennett; "turing": intentionally misspelled "turning" from "Turing" in "Alan Turing"] 




A lighting system is designed and engineered in a way that a person, phenotypically an inventor, can be transformed into a philosopher, phenotypically as well. The prototype test has confirmed the proof of concept through the invented device, which includes two major parts: one named "switch" and another "bulb". The scene of real setting was arranged on the inventor Edison himself. What really happened in the test was that upon the "switch" turned on; the "bulb" was lit up. Instantly, Edison was changed, actually, into a two-headed (not quite expected), and a quite giant figure that looks just like Dr. Doug R. Hofstadter and Dr. Daniel C. Dennett, two well-known American thinkers (two co-authors for their jointly edited book titled “The Mind’s I”). As recorded as what has been observed, the test room, an experimental space, was extremely bright, and quite warm, and even unpleasantly hot for a little while. Nevertheless, the evidential photos have been taken by using the same "light". In summary, this is the first time in human history that an inventor in dark is able to make a significant change of himself to a conceptually different person, in this case, a philosopher. Some people like to call this phenomenon "Enlightenment". However, Mr. Fang prefers just a simple expression, "A light bulb".