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The following proposal is introduced here for the early phase of development of Codonology. The volunteers are needed to participate in one of three types of experimental studies by using their own professional expertise.


Type-1:            Codonology Type-1 Study (CTS-1)

Manual input.

The existing experimental knowledge base is Wikipedia, a free on-line encyclopedia.


Type-2:            Codonology Type-2 Study (CTS-2)

Semi-automatic formation.

The existing experimental tools are Google desktop/web search engine, using Wikipedia .


Type-3:            Codonology Type-3 Study (CTS-3)

Full-automatic formation.

Prototype algorithm for Automatic Codon Formation (ACF), termed “Codonization” (from Nature language to Codons), and “De-codonization” (from Codons to Nature Language)

The existing experimental tools are Mathematica (Stephen Wolfram) and its affiliated website Mathworld (by Eric Weisstein).





Donations are always welcome and can be sent to the following two different addresses depending on the type of project of interest.


Option#-1 (for human knowledge in general)


c/oWikimedia Foundation Inc.

200 2nd Ave. South #358

St. Petersburg, FL 33701-4313 

(Please write “Wikimedia/Codonology” on your check, not just only“Wikimedia” or “Codonology”)


Option#-2 (for the knowledge in mathematics)